Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions define the rights and responsibilities of EC Durbe and a Student, which both parties are obliged to comply with, starting from the date of enrollment and payment for the course.

Rights and responsibilities of EC Durbe, further in the text - school:

  • Based on the language test results and Student's wishes, stated in the application form, the school informs the student about the date and time of the classes within 21 days after the receipt of the payment for the course.
  • The school places the Student in a group in accordance with his level of knowledge and requirements of the program.
  • The school implements a qualitative educational process, provides teachers with appropriate qualification; monitors the quality of teaching, Student's behaviour and the accordance of the study process to stated aims and requirements.
  • The school issues the certificate in case the Student had attended no less than 75% of the studies and the average result of the test is no less than 60%.
  • The school issues the "Certificate of mastering professional development programme" in case the Student has attended no less than 120 academic hours, was rated "credited" with independent works and has made payment for the final test and administrative expenses of 55 EUR.

Right and responsibilities of the Student:

  • The Student has the right to receive qualitative tuition at a chosen place.
  • The Student has the right to express his wishes and suggestions in the form of a written statement which is available at the reception. The School guarantees the immediate consideration of these proposals and a written response of the decisions taken.
  • The Student has the right to change the group (time and days of studies cannot be changed). There will be an additional payment of 30 EUR for joining the new group.
  • The Student receives the study materials for personal use (if provided by the chosen course) or he has the right to receive them from the school library, paying the deposit of 30 EUR. After completing the course and returning the unspoilt materials, the Student receives back the deposit.
  • The Student has rights to cancel his tuition with a written statement which should be submitted to School no less than 20 days before. The statement can be submitted either to the pasts@durbe.edu.lv or personally to the staff. The School will return the unused money for lessons starting with 21st day after the receipt of the statement, keeping administrative fee of 40 EUR.
  • The Students is responsible for the timely payments in accordance with the deadlines specified in the bill, as the School guarantees the place in a chosen group only after the receipt of the payment.
  • The Student pays for his studies in accordance with the prices. In the case of paying the entire amount all at once, the Student receives the price discount, and the Schools cannot raise the price for the course.
  • The Students has the responsibility to pay tuitions fees timely, ensuring that the payment will be received no later than before the last paid study day, otherwise the School has the right to confirm another student for the course.
  • The Student has the responsibility to inform the School of all wishes and amendments that are related to the study process, so that the School can guarantee the best result of the tuition. All wishes sent to pasts@durbe.edu.lv or to the director of Education Centre Durbe Nora Poiša - nora@durbe.edu.lv, will be considered by the customer service specialists. The answers will be given no later than 15 days from the date of receipt of the statement.
  • If the Students has enrolled for the studies and has made the payment, but due to the personal reasons cannot attend the courses, he can ask in written to transfer the payment for another period of the following three months. The statements should be submitted no later than 10 days before the start of the course.

General rules:

  • The School assembles the groups according to the application forms and during the study process guaranteed that in 90% of the studies the number of Students does not exceed the prescribed number: Evening mini-groups - 7 students,  Morning/afternoon courses - 8 students, morning/afternoon mini-group courses - 5 students,  corporate training and projects - in accordance to the offer and agreement.
  • If the number of students during the course is reduced to 3, the School has the right to close the group, returning the unused money or offering Students new group or study time.
  • If the study period includes national holiday, the Students together with the teacher have to choose the day when they will have the additional class, and write a written statement signed by all students and a teacher to the administration. 
  • Minimum age for language courses Students - 16 y.o.
  • Lenght of 1 lesson: evening courses (English, Latvian, Russian language) - 40 minutes, morning/afternoon courses (Russian language only) - 50 minutes.
  • If during the study process new prices are confirmed, then Students that pay in parts will make the new payment according to the new price list.

         Special rules:

  • Those who study with NVA issued coupons and have cancelled their tuition are not eligible for the co-financing return.
  • When applying on www.durbe.edu.lv, Students confirm they have read and agreed to these terms and conditions.
  • For terms and conditions for morning/ afternoon Russian language courses, please refer to our website www.russian-academy.com.

Confirmed on August 23, 2013.

Director of Education Centre Durbe Nora Poiša.


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