Students' feedbacks

Marianne Lafuma about Russian language course:

This class is designed to allow you to speak, and not just to say a couple of sentences on a random topic: the teacher gives you space and freedom to develop your ideas, respond to your classmates, and have meaningful discussions and interactions. At the same time, the teacher manages the class effectively: it was structured, the right amount of time was dedicated to each task and the various parts of the lesson were related and followed each other in a logical way. I enjoyed the fact that there was no awkward transition and that the whole felt extremely natural.

Evrard Charpentier about Russian language course:

"To study Russian is my true passion (I plan to become an interpreter), so I really enjoyed the professional team of teachers at Durbe RLA, as well as speaking and listening during the lessons. 
I recommend Riga to anyone who wants to improve their Russian - it is a welcoming and very "green" city (in all meanings of the word!), with lots of opportunities for rapid progress in the language learning."

Shu Sato about Russian language course:

"The approach towards grammar was superb: all the nuances, the differences between similar grammatical points, the expressions - everything was explained in an easy understanding way. When difficulties occurred, teachers tried to explain it with gestures and examples from everyday life. That was a great approach, I liked that!

People have various reasons for studying Russian, so each student has different expectations from lessons. Before starting my classes, I was sure that Level 2 is too easy, Level 3 would be the most suitable for my skills. However, after a few days of studies, tests and having a consultation with the teacher, I decided to switch to Level 2. As it turned out, it was just the right level for me. So depending on people and their needs in each level, the flexibility in teachers and their lessons was what I appreciated the most. If I could describe my teachers in one word, it probably would be „caring”: they care about the students and their needs in learning the language and understanding it as much as possible!"

Dagnija Zariņa about Russian language course:

"I decided to improve my Russian language skills and learn its grammar, so I decided to start my tuition at the “Education centre Durbe”. I like it very much that during the lessons we not only study grammar but also have a chance to practice the language. I also like engaging in dialogues with other students, it helps to learn how to use the language properly. The atmosphere at the learning centre is friendly, positive and responsive. The teacher always explains the new topic or question until all students understand it, as well as students always try to practice the use of language, talking to each other in Russian".

Rute Marta about English language course:

"I chose to study English language courses because I was planning to join the Erasmus+ mobility program, as well as I needed to enhance my English language knowledge. The atmosphere during the classes was nice and relaxed, we all had a feeling of togetherness and friendship. The teacher was very nice and always prepared well for the lessons in order for them to be interesting. She achieved that everyone in the classroom understands the new material and can develop to some extent. I think we couldn't have wished for a better teacher!"

Ruediger, EU official, about Latvian language course:

"I had an excellent time and stay in Riga for learning purposes. It is highly possible that I will come back next year or in two years in order to further develop my knowledge and practice my writing and speaking skills even if for work I need to understand any given text and translate it as appropriate into German.

I also felt particularly well with my teacher. The teacher did everything she was able to do, I highly appreciate her willingness and capacity to find the passages in the given learning material that were of particular interest or difficult for me as a German."

Dzelde Lauva about Russian language course:

"I decided to study Russian because I need this language in my everyday life and job. I feel very comfortable and good in the classroom, I like the small number of students in the classroom; everyone has a chance to speak. I like that we have to communicate a lot on a variety of topics – we complement our vocabulary and improve our grammar. I will be able to use the new knowledge in everyday communication with my friends and at work. At last I will be able to read books and watch movies in Russian! I have recommended these courses to many friends of mine!".

Mārtiņš Bole about English language course:

"I decided to study English for self-development, but I also need it for my job purposes. If you speak foreign languages, there are more opportunities for you on the job market and in social life. At the beginning of the course, I was afraid and worried, but already after some lessons, I relaxed. I was afraid because I thought I will not make it, will not be able to learn anything, but these doubts disappeared quite fast. Now it’s vice versa – I understand I can!
Our teacher is very responsive. If someone does not understand something she explains the unknown in different words. The big plus is that we use only English language during the lessons. You just do not have to be afraid to say you do not know or understand something.
The knowledge I gained during the lessons I will be able to use in my job while communicating with people or traveling. Finally, I will be able to go abroad and ask someone a direction, time, or just say – what’s up?".

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