Language courses in Latvia

What to do, if you want to take quality Russian language course with our professional teachers, but due to the present travelling restrictions are not able to come to Riga?

We have got a great solution for you! We are launching new opportunity to book semi-intensive Russian language course in a mini group up to 4 students. That means you may have your lessons online and benefit from the intensive study process in a small group! All you... lasīt vairāk

Education centre Durbe’s more than 20 years old experience, prestigious Eaquals and Ministry’s of Education and Science of Latvia accreditations guarantee the highest possible quality and efficiency of teaching.

During these English language courses you will be able to develop your reading, listening, speaking and writing skills, as well as to consolidate your grammar knowledge. Due to the high... lasīt vairāk

The course is for non-native and native speakers of Russian teaching at primary, secondary, vocational schools, colleges and universities or language centres for adults at Beginners to Intermediate level. It is recommended that participants have a level of Russian at CEF level B2+, B2 or B1+ (minimum B1).

The participants can choose to study 1 or 2 weeks, with the following methodology topics to be covered:

WEEK 1... lasīt vairāk

Education centre Durbe is a learner-focused and action-oriented teaching institution with effective use of the „can do” statements as learning objectives. We believe that effective collaboration and interaction between the teacher and students is based on the teachers monitoring the teaching process and adjusting teaching strategies in response to the pace and depth of students understanding. The study process lead by the teacher takes into... lasīt vairāk

We highly evaluate quality, reliability and responsibility! You will be in contact with our welcoming office team from the beginning of your first request until the last day of your studies in the school. We always do the best to support you in any matters related to your studies and try to make your stay as much positive and comfortable as possible.

Friendly premises
The school is located on the second floor of a... lasīt vairāk

English language courses in a Mini group (4-7 students per class); We do offer English language courses in the evenings on Mondays and Wednesdays OR Tuesdays and Thursdays from 17:10-19:20 or 18:10 to 20:20. By choosing Mini group courses you will be able to progess more rapidly and to get more practice during the lessons. You will benefit from more individual attention from your teacher what... lasīt vairāk

If you are looking for quality and treasure your time, EC Durbe is the right choice! Your main interests might be:


1. Superintensive Russian.
We do offer Russian language courses starting every Monday throughout the year. The school offers Group lessons (every day Monday to Friday) of 20... lasīt vairāk

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