Business Latvian course

Living and working in Latvia for long periods of time is surely amazing, but still demands at least basic Latvian language skills. If you want to learn proper Latvian vocabulary for the everyday life, if you need to learn Latvian for professional purposes: for broader job opportunities, a residence permit, upcoming naturalization, or if you are a student, who would like to strive for excellence in learning the local language – apply for your studies today. Durbe RLA invites you to learn or improve your Latvian language skills by choosing courses suitable for your personal needs. Evening Latvian in mini groups and Business Latvian courses, a Conversation club - is a great opportunity to study Latvian in Riga, at the heart of Baltics! Learning Latvian will not only improve your language skills, but also make your residing in Latvia more comfortable, will help to smooth your integration into the local culture, it’s uniqueness and social aspects of the everyday life. 

Course objective – to activate and improve the skills and knowledge of Latvian language, learn and use the Business Latvian vocabulary and terminology, both orally and in writing.

Course length: 4 weeks, 24 academic hours
Frequency: 2 academic hours per day 3 times a week from 18:10 till 19:40
Level of knowledge: A2+/B1
Maximum number of participants: 8
Price: 190 EUR

Course program consists of activation and improvement of Business Latvian vocabulary, grammar and spelling main issues (for example, numerals, most frequently used abbreviations for documents, the use of proper names in titles), situational dialogues, business management examples, audio materials, as well as the variety of topics, such as:

  • Speech and language culture, most common mistakes
  • Business terminology and its usage
  • Business etiquette
  • Business communication (phone calls, correspondence with customers and partners)
  • Presentation and sale of products / services
  • Public speaking, basic principles of rhetoric
  • Preparation of presentations and public speech
  • Discussion management and audience involvement

Expected results: at the end of the course students will have activated already known and new Business Latvian vocabulary, will be able to talk about specific topics in the business area, for example, job responsibilities, past experience and future plans, customer service. In addition, students will have a good knowledge of business etiquette and issues in contact and correspondence, as well as improve their conversational and presentation skills.

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