Individual Latvian courses

We offer individual Latvian language courses with possibilities to set your own study days, times and intensity.

Lessons take place on working days from 08.00 till 21.00. The minimum intensity - 4 lessons/academic (40min) hours a week. A minimum number of lessons booked - 10 lessons.

Individual lessons General language Business language Specialized language Exam preparation
10 lessons 430 EUR 480 EUR 480 EUR 480 EUR
20 lessons 840 EUR 930 EUR 930 EUR 930 EUR

The price for lessons which take place on the weekend is raised by 15% and a minimum number of academic hours taken at once is 4 ac. hours.

During the course, the students use copied handouts which remain the property of the client, as well as books from the library which is possible to obtain with signing the delivery-acceptance report. It is possible to buy the books.

For the additional information on individual Latvian language courses please call 67363331 or write at


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