Online Russian group lessons

What to do, if you want to take quality Russian language course with our professional teachers, but due to the present travelling restrictions are not able to come to Riga?

We have got a great solution for you! We are launching new opportunity to book semi-intensive Russian language course in a mini group up to 4 students. That means you may have your lessons online and benefit from the intensive study process in a small group! All you need – is a computer with a microphone and camera and Skype! Ah, yes, and the internet of course!
As always, we will test your Russian language skills in advance, to make sure you are set at the right level group.

The structure and method of teaching will be absolutely the same as if you were in Riga! Read about all benefits of studying Russian online.

Your semi-intensive online Russian group course

The course will consist of 10 lessons per week. You will have 2 lessons each study day Monday to Friday (50 minutes each, total 100 minutes per day).
You will have daily homework to keep practicing your Russian as well!
You will be provided with study materials!

The course is available for following levels:
A1 – B2

Your study time
Suggested study times are mentioned below. Please choose priority Nr 1, Nr 2 and Nr 3.
IMPORTANT: The final study time will depend taking into consideration wished of the majority of the group.

See time options below (times given are European time (GMT)):

8.30 – 10.10
12.30  - 14.10 or
17.00 – 18.40

Your starting study date
See dates to start. Please choose priority Nr 1 and Nr 2.

May 18, May 25, June 1, June 8 or June 15.

IMPORTANT: The final starting date will depend taking into consideration wishes of the majority of the group.

The minimal student number to open online course 2, the maximums number – 4.

Price for online Russian semi-intensive group course:

Registration fee – 30 EUR
Price per week – 140 EUR
Recommended study length -2 weeks

Payment deadline:
Advance pre-payment for the course not later than 5 days untill the starting date.
In case of payment delay from other member of group the course may start a week later than planned.



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